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We've partnered to deliver the end-to-end solution for mobile health

The healthcare industry is in a period of massive transformation, based on new models that emphasize quality over quantity. In this transformation, new mobile services will dramatically change the kinds of interactions that payors, providers and patients have with each other. OysterLabs’ health and wellness practice is here to help guide partners through the process of creating new mobile-centric experiences that are optimized for healthcare. ManaCloud offers secured, unified, data management to power the mobile experience. Together, we specialize in developing beautiful, engaging and data-rich mobile products that also take into account the following key areas that may be required:

Mana Cloud OysterLabs - Mobile Health
  • mHealth Strategy

  • HIPAA Compliance

  • EMR Integration

  • Wearable Technology and Device Integration

  • Adherence Strategies

  • Weight, Exercise, Meal and Goal Tracking

  • iOS and Android Compatibility

  • Health performance benchmarks through OysterLabs AQUA - our Mobile Analytics, CRM and Targeted Messaging Platform