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Strategy, Design & Development

OysterLabs defines, designs and develops intuitive, data-driven platforms across both the web and mobile.  Focusing on first developing deep understandings of your clients needs, goals and market, we partner with you to build complete solutions from concept to deployment. Our experiences span industries including healthcare & wellness, media/entertainment, data visualization, marketplaces, and marketing analytics.


From Health & Fitness to Entertainment, Non-Profits to Gaming, we love developing a strong understanding of your business goals to develop products that are engaging and effective for the end user.  Here are a few of our recent launches.

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YingoYango is a protocol based enterprise platform optimizing the patients engagement with their recovery to improve outcomes.  Patients can engage with their customized mobile recovery experience through the mobile app.  The platform empowers healthcare systems to engage and manage the patients post discharge treatment plan. | Download the iOS App



TRN makes it easy to train in NYC when you want, where you want and how you want. The TRN app will locate an expert exercise, yoga or pilates specialist who will come to your desired location and customize your session based on your goals. The TRN plan can monitor your exercise sessions to help better understand your fitness needs. | Download the iOS App 

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ReadyTrack by Vivus is a support tool that helps patients taking the weight loss drug Qsymia plan, report and evaluate daily meals and exercise. ReadyTrack generates at-a-glance reports so users can get a picture of their overall progress and share with their healthcare provider to better guide them on their weight-loss journey.


Expert guided wellness programs

Wellcaster is a fittness solution that engages exercisors with fittness training videos created by celebrity fitness experts.  Trainers and fittness companies utilize Wellcaster to innovate and extend their business model to reach new audiences and revenue. | Download the iOS App

Mana Health


The Mana Health app empowers patients of partnering hospital systems access their health information. The user-friendly interface, powered by the ManaCloud data platform, compiles the patient's medical data to create a complete picture of their health. Features also include wearable support and document storage.


Wearable Baby Monitor & App Platform

MonBaby is a baby monitor that snaps onto any article of a child’s clothing, just like a button. The device monitors breathing movements, body position, fall detection, proximity removal, and more. | Download the iOS App | Download the Android App